The Fatback Band


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someone out to make money, especially a drug-dealer
Categories Occupations
Collocates baller5 buster5 gangsta4 shot-caller4 slanger4 bitch3 go hard3 work3 celly2 chicken2 clucker2 hoe2 hood2 hustle2 jack boy2 mack2 move2 on the grind2 pimp2 pimp2 player2 player-hate2 project2 pusher2 wanksta2 weight2 -ass third coast 415 84's A1 baby mama banger ⋅ big-ballin ⋅ billy block boo brain chill crib D fiend ⋅ for real for real fresh front fuckboy G game gangsta go hard in the paint guap hater hip-hopper homie honey ⋅ I'mma ill ⋅ keep it real loot ⋅ maintain mayne Mo City muffler new jack O ⋅ O.G. on lock on the cut package ⋅ peep po-po rap rhyme sayer rock roll on roll with ruckus serve ⋅ shank ⋅ show out slang soldier ⋅ stick-up kid straight up sucker TEC the Bay thugged-out thug trap trapper trick ⋅ 24-7 twisted ⋅ weed yo
Domains Crime Drug sales Money
Etymology generic use is pre hip-hop, from the 1820s
Synonyms d-boy dope-boy ice cream man pusher slanger trap boy trapper trap star
Related words hustle Hustle town

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