The Pharcyde


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marijuana grown with hydroponics
Collocates on the low3, 5-03, puff2, puff2, Henny2, reefer2, roll2, slang2, blow2, red hair2, Optimo2, dinero, dope, dro, Dutch, flow, Hennessy, ill, lifted, live, loud, maintain, mayne, on the d-low, peace out, pine, po-po, rhyme, ride, ride, rock, sess, shorty, slide, stack, steel, straight, trick, 20-sack, Van City, whip, yo, zip, 40, ayo, Backwoods, bang, blaze, bomb, broccoli, chief, chief, crack
Derivatives dro
Domains Drugs, Marijuana
Etymology Derives from hydroponic

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