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Categories Possessions
Collocates rolly10, rock6, bling5, chain5, Jacob4, bling3, gangsta3, Jacob2, snatch2, 3-stripe2, trife2, whip2, bezel2, rims2, Jesus piece2, on froze2, cop2, crazy2, frost2, froze2, flooded, floss, flossed out, flow, four fifth, fugazi, grill, hate, head, hot one, ice grill, ice grill, locs, lucci, MC, on point, pack, swag, swanga, toolie, wodie, presidential, presidential, chips, clip, glock, shit, bitch, bling, I'mma, rock, -ass, 9 to 5, about, Ac, Air Max, AP, bitch, bomb, boo, chill, cock, dead, dimepiece, Dom P, drop
Derivatives ice cubes, iced-out, iced-up
Domains Fashion
Etymology pre hip-hop, from the late 1800s
Synonyms frost, rocks
Related concepts frosty, icy, piece, rocked up

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