LL Cool J


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of a person, wearing (lots of) diamonds;
of a thing, diamond-studded
Collocates chain2 45 ⋅ as fuck baguette ⋅ Bentley ⋅ bitch club cluster ⋅ dime dro front god grill ⋅ hoe hood in the cut Jacob Jordans ⋅ nicety piece ⋅ platinum ⋅ purple drank rolly show out slide ⋅ soldier ⋅ what's up
Domains Fashion
Etymology Derives from ice
Shout-outs AJ Lester's Cartier Gucci Marc Jacobs Mount Everest Nike Pluto Polo Rolex
Synonyms frostbit frosty froze iced-out on froze rocked up

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