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combining form
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an intensifier, typically formed by combining with the first part of the following word
Collocates wack4 rhyme2 word2 mack daddy2 bumrush2 shotty2 punk2 beef2 yo2 Henny2 thick2 chronic ⋅ clap ⋅ clock ⋅ cock Compton ⋅ dope dopeness drop G gat grass herb jam ⋅ mad MC O ⋅ off the hizzle Phantom ⋅ pop ⋅ pop ⋅ rap rims slammin ⋅ smoke ⋅ son spark ⋅ twerk ⋅ uptown ⋅ corner ⋅ crack flavor jock ⋅ knot no diggity push someone's wig back Range ⋅ rapper spot ⋅ Alizé ⋅ perk check ⋅ freak ⋅ gangsta 41st side 9 back ⋅ bang ⋅ Benz blunt bust
Shout-outs Ant Banks Celly Cel Das EFX Daz Dillinger Domino Dr. Dre Jay-Z Kuwait Madonna MC Eiht Mike D RBX Spice 1 Vallejo, California, USA

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