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I'm going to
Collocates stunt9, keep it real9, grind7, go hard6, guap6, keep it 1006, murk5, cop5, dog5, make it rain5, tool5, telly4, baby mama4, Dutch4, rep4, Rari4, murder4, biatch3, clip3, stack3, package3, swanga3, good3, gauge3, wet3, bitch3, Benz3, blast3, drop3, hate3, rap3, yo3, slang3, gank3, 5-03, shotty3, on the grind3, trife3, word is born3, weight3, re-up2, tree2, dip2, rhyme2, maintain2, wood-wheel2, TEC2, the Bay2, thug2, wig2, wodie2, whip2, G2, air out2, ball2, Forgis2, jack boy2, slab2, straight up2, beat2, chill2, H-town2, hoe2, let off2, figures2, on wax2, bust2, paid2, on the daily2, scrilla2, parlay2, slug2, crack2, beef2, crew2, dank2, dead2, double R2, drank2, freak2, homie2, out of pocket2, four fifth2, wild-thing2, hood2, on the low low2, bitch2, Calico2, how we do2, ki2, mad2, mad2, mine2, on the low2, plug2, ride2, soldier2, peeps2, bopper2, spark2, swag2, thugged-out2, brick2, buck-fifty2, U.P.T.2, wack2, what it do2, ya heard2, buddha2, Lex bubble2, hip-hop, hood, hood, hood-rat, hooptie, hops, hustle, hustler, iced-out, illy, jack, Jacob, jammy, kicks, knot, lid, like a boss, luchini, MAC-10, mail, mayne, mean-mug, Mo City, molly, move, nick, no homo, old school, on one, on swoll, on the d-low, ounce, player-hate, played-out, pull someone's card, punk, recognize, get over on, roll up, roll, skama, scrill, sherm stick, shife, show out, sit on, skins, skrt, front, mill, gangsta lean, fuck with, god, G, gators, green, melon, spray, squeeze, steady, steelo, stick, straight up, sucker, swang, talk shit, the A, thick, 30-30, to the max, trap star, trip, tryna, vest, Vogue, wanksta, woolie, X.O., YOLO, zip, slanger, snaps, son, sling, spinner, slip, spray, snatch, soft, slang, 9 milli, sleep on, MC, represent, stripes, homeboy, G, lace, mash out, money-maker, rims, fly, get over, shorty, chin check, digits, skully, slab, Smith & Wess, true dat, A-town, Cali, blaze up, break it down, flavor, bark, shout-out, flossed out, let off, sneak dis, breezy, havin' thangs, drop, floss, hit a lick, show and prove, static, aggy, on the under, tote, bank, fed, your ass is grass, thugged-up, diss, chips, ghost, guacamole, knock out the box, whip, white, wreck shop, charge it to the game, lock it down, fed, guac, fifth, broccoli, 24-7-365, bitch, cheese, hold it down, learn, on point, put it down, sawed-off, word is bond, body, 20-sack, 24-7, 40, 6, 84's, automatic, beef, bust, cheddar, clown on, dump, gat, ghetto, hit switches, hit, ice, j's, nahmean, long, nina, peace out, pump, push, represent, ride, roll, simp, spit, spit, time, turn it out, wood-grain, yo, zooted, blood, blow up, blunt, bolo, boogie-down, booty, bop, brain, bread, bruh, bumrush, bust, bust a nut, bwoy, Caddy, Calio, candy, chain, geah, chickenhead, chicken, chopper, Chuck Taylors, clique, clock, clown, club, commas, corner, correct, crazy, cream, Crenshaw, Crooked I, crunked up, cut, cut up, D, D, D's, Desert Eagle, dick, dimepiece, doja, dough, drop, ends, ese, phat, feta, fin', fire, fit, bick back, bach, black, blast, bling, bling, bar, gutter, H.N.I.C., hard
Domains Everyday, Grammar

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