Compton's Most Wanted


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Collocates blow8, weed6, blaze up5, roll4, chronic4, blunt4, puff4, blow3, hoe3, puff3, Benzo3, dope2, twist2, blaze2, Timbos2, fifth2, Hen2, loc'd2, Lorenzo2, sess2, sweet2, ghetto bird, glock, gram, grind, hash, homegrown, homie, hundred-sack, j, keyed, kush, lean, Mac, mayne, mofo, O, O, Optimo, Phillie, piff, pimp, pine, powder, projects, red hair, roll, sit on, skunk, slang, spark up, stack, swag, syrup, tap, TEC, Vega, vest, wack, wannabe, yac, yay, dump, lifted, toke, 20-sack, fire, the Bay, lac, Alizé, angel dust, barre, bird, bitch, bitch, chief, Chucks, crib, dime bag, dip, dough, drank, Dutch, ecstasy, eightball, fly, four fifth, G
Domains Drugs, Marijuana
Etymology perhaps from Cannabis Indica
Rhymes Timbos2, Benzo, mo', Optimos, window

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