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an exclamation of enthusiasm or anticipation
Collocates chrome5, yo4, word is bond4, let off2, crunk2, bitch2, hype2, beat, block, blood, body, bone out, bump, chrome, club, corner, crunked, dead, delf, diss, dog, dome, drop-top, Dutch, MC, fuck with, G, game, grown, gun-clapping, H-town, hollow-point, homeboy, holmes, homie, jawn, joint, legit, Mac, one-time, out of pocket, Philly, PJs, player-hating, player, pop, pop, rap, ride, shit, spliff, spray, sticky, straight, strap, street-sweeper, talk shit, teflon, to the fullest, V.A., what's up, hoo-ride, word up, 44, 40, 5-0, A.T.L., A-town, act a fool
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