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keep it real

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to be genuine
Collocates I'mma10 hood4 steel4 trill4 dog3 front3 hate3 homie3 maintain3 represent3 ayo2 cat2 ese2 feel2 figures2 G2 gat2 ill2 mayne2 mill2 peeps2 street2 thug2 trip2 what's up2 yo2 -ass 619 9 bitch bitch blood ⋅ blow ⋅ bust chill chronic ⋅ clique crack Crooklyn deuces dope flow fly fugazi game gangbang ⋅ god gutter H ⋅ hoe hold it down holla ⋅ holla back ⋅ hollow-point ⋅ holmes ⋅ homeboy hoodie hot hustler hustle hype jigga ⋅ live ⋅ mail mob ⋅ money ⋅ on the grind peace ⋅ player-hate player play ⋅ props put it down rapper rap rap raw ⋅ recognize ⋅ rhyme rock roll with scrill shorty ⋅ shorty ⋅ son strapped sucker thug tote trill what it is wood-wheel word is bond wreck shop nahmsayin ⋅ yo
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