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a kilogram of cocaine, marijuana, heroin, or some other drug
Categories Metonyms, Quantities, Weights
Collocates O.Z.19, G18, slang13, move10, flip7, pound5, white5, weight5, cop5, chop4, weed4, tree4, push4, dime4, slab4, front4, coke4, cook3, chicken3, gram3, ounce3, raw3, stack3, uncut3, whip3, crazy3, D2, brick2, G2, homie2, hustle2, D's2, eightball2, hood2, birdy2, serve2, re-up2, rap2, on the DL2, O.G.2, nickel2, bird2, I'mma2, mad, mail, mill, O, O.G., on the low, package, pie, player-hate, played-out, props, quarter, rack, roll, sheisty, sit on, snow, spray, street-sweeper, to the max, trap, triple beam, U.P.T., uptown, whip, zip, d-boy, straight, 213, all about, baby mama, bag, bando, block, sess, cheddar, chips, chronic, clock, crack, cream, creep, d-game, D, DT, dank, dap, Desert Eagle, dope, dope, eighth, fuck with, fully, game, game, game, gangsta, get your ____ on, hella, hit a lick, hoe, homeboy, hooptie, hustle, hydroponic, illy, K, Lex, lifted, M.O.B.
Domains Drug Sales
Etymology Derives from kilo
Synonyms G-pack
Related concepts bird, brick, hustle, pack, slang, sling, trap

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