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a kilogram of cocaine, marijuana, heroin, or some other drug
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Collocates G17 O.Z.17 slang9 move7 flip5 pound5 white5 coke4 cop4 dime4 slab4 weight4 chicken3 chop3 cook3 front3 gram3 ounce3 raw3 stack3 tree3 uncut3 weed3 whip3 birdy2 bird2 brick2 crazy2 D2 hustle2 I'mma2 nickel2 O.G.2 on the DL2 push2 rap2 re-up2 serve2 213 all about ⋅ baby mama bag ⋅ bando bimmer ⋅ block sess cheddar chips chronic ⋅ clock ⋅ crack cream creep ⋅ d-boy d-game D's DT dank ⋅ dap Desert Eagle dope dope eightball eighth ⋅ fuck with fully G game game gangsta get your ____ on hella hit a lick hoe homeboy homie hood hooptie hustle hydroponic illy Lex lifted mad mail O.G. on the low package ⋅ pie ⋅ player-hate played-out props rack sit on snow straight to the max trap triple beam uptown ⋅ whip zip
Domains Drug sales

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