Brotha Lynch Hung


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Collocates Cali5, pack5, Dutch4, O.G.4, roll4, sour diesel4, burn3, dro3, purp3, Backwoods2, bitch2, blow2, elbow2, geeked2, gram2, hood2, onion2, reggie2, roll up2, sack2, weed2, zip2, 40 ounce, baby mama, bag, bitch, blunt, buddha, bust a nut, Calico, sess, crib, duff, e, fin', finna, fire, haze, hoe, homie, hood-rat, hustle, in the cut, indo, kick, killer, kilo, knock boots, l, lean, lettuce, loc, loud, mad, mayne, move, O.Z., off that, on the low, piff, powder, puff, purple, purple drank, purple haze, rack, reggie miller, skunk, stanky, thai, twist up, what it do, white line, work, yo
Domains Drugs, Marijuana
Etymology Derives from bubba kush

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