Diamond & The Psychotic Neurotics


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a marijuana cigarette
Collocates spark15, puff14, blow8, spark up6, twist5, mad4, weed3, burn3, roll3, throw3, throw up3, 402, crib2, feel2, glock2, lifted2, parlay2, po-po2, projects2, roll up2, son2, -ass2, honey, ill, jack, jiggy, krill, kush, laced, Lex, mail, maintain, pellet, pen, Phillie, player, politic, pop, puff, push, rap, rapper, rep, rhyme, ride, shit, soldier, St. Ides, steam, telly, thug, dunn, toast, toke, tryna, white, wild out, fam, how we do, shotta, fire, blunt, crazy, yayo, 40 ounce, bang, bomb, buddha, bust, cell, chill, chronic, clip, coke, corner, cream, crew, Dutch, gat, get your ____ on, hash, haze, Henny, herb, homie
Domains Drugs
Etymology perhaps referring to an L-shaped fold in a rolling paper; perhaps referring to El Producto cigars; perhaps referring to resemblance to a lower-case 'l'
Meronyms zig-zag
Synonyms fatty, j, joint, spliff
Related concepts blow, blunt, chief, hydro, kush, la, puff, puff, spark

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