Diamond & The Psychotic Neurotics


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a marijuana cigarette
Collocates spark15, puff14, blow9, spark up6, twist5, mad4, burn3, roll3, throw3, throw up3, weed3, lifted2, glock2, -ass2, 402, mail2, crib2, feel2, projects2, Phillie2, roll up2, son2, 40 ounce2, po-po2, parlay2, honey, how we do, ill, jack, jiggy, krill, kush, laced, Lex, yayo, maintain, pellet, pen, player, politic, pop, puff, push, rap, rapper, rep, rhyme, ride, shit, shotta, soldier, St. Ides, steam, telly, thug, dunn, toast, toke, tryna, white, wild out, bang, blunt, bomb, buddha, bust, cell, chill, chronic, clip, coke, corner, crazy, cream, crew, Dutch, fam, fire, gat, get your ____ on, hash, haze, Henny, herb, homie
Domains Drugs
Etymology perhaps referring to an L-shaped fold in a rolling paper; perhaps referring to El Producto cigars; perhaps referring to resemblance to a lower-case 'l'
Meronyms zig-zag
Synonyms fatty, j, joint, spliff
Related concepts blow, blunt, chief, hydro, kush, la, puff, puff, spark

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