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a Cadillac
Antonyms hooptie
Collocates D's8, roll7, swanga7, mack6, Vogue6, Lex4, Benz4, bend corners4, gat4, 43, ride3, candy3, 84's3, hit a lick3, whip3, True2, shorty2, -ass2, thug2, 202, Bentley2, tote2, bitch2, blow2, Clover2, dip2, dub2, whip2, hit switches2, hood2, fin'2, floss2, yac2, baller2, roll2, weight2, bird2, dump2, hit, hoe, homeboy, homie, hootie hoo, hustle, hydraulics, indo, killer, llama, locs, Mac, move, old school, on the d-low, Optimo, pack, Phantom, pimp, pump, pusher, pusher, push, rap, retarded, ride, rims, sack, serve, sit on, slanger, slide, snaps, soldier, spit, stack, steady, strapped, strap, swang, 3, tight, tool, trap house, triple gold, trip, tryna, weed, what it do, whip, whip, white-wall, Forgis, pimp, bach, 64, Ac, ball, beat, Benzy, bitch, blunt, bump, bump, bust, cheese, chicken, chill, chrome, clock, coca, cocaina, cop, crack, creep, dap, deep, doja, elbow, family, fetti, fed, fifth, finna, fly, 44, fuck with, G, G-ride, go hard, grain
Domains Proprietary
Etymology Derives from Cadillac
Synonyms Caddy
Related concepts Ac, beamer, Bentley, Benz, BM, Bugatti, ghost, Maybach, Range, Range Rover, Rolls, Rolls Royce

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