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beverage comprising cough syrup with codeine and a mixer (often Sprite)
Collocates green9, weed5, dope4, xan4, grain3, syrup3, perk2, bitch2, H-town2, drank2, dro2, boss, brick, candy, chill out, clique, dip, ecstasy, faded, fiend, fiend, finna, fuck with, G, geeked up, good, gram, Hennessy, homie, indo, kush, off that, old school, Phantom, pimp, plug, purple, purple stuff, ride, ride, roll, roll with, smoke, square, steady, sticky, sticky, straight, third coast, twisted, twist, wannabe, wet, white, X, xanny, bitch, blow, blow, Cali, coke, hot, molly, tree, Alpine, blades
Domains Drugs
Etymology perhaps from the relaxed posture often resulting from consumption
Synonyms barre, purple drank, purple stuff, sizzurp, syrup
Related concepts swerve

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