Kurtis Blow


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of money, plentiful
Collocates dough12 paper11 bread7 cream5 cake3 mail3 mayne2 chips2 fetti2 hoe2 bitch2 bank2 cabbage clock ⋅ crew dog dope fall off ⋅ for sure ⋅ fresh front game green hate ⋅ honey ⋅ iced-out jook Jordans ⋅ lettuce loot ⋅ Maybach ⋅ money ⋅ O.G. pimp ⋅ push rep ⋅ rhyme sayer skully stack whip biatch flow I'mma 4 ⋅ 6 all about ⋅ baller ⋅ ball ⋅ Benz bitch blow ⋅ brick
Domains Money
Synonyms tall
Related concepts bank Benjamin Benjamin Franklin bill ⋅ billy bread cabbage cake cheddar cheese chips cream dead president digits dinero dough ends fetti figures G green guap knot lettuce mail paper papes root of evil scratch ⋅ scrill scrilla snaps stack trap

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