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intransitive verb
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to persist;
to survive
Collocates cane5 tryna5 slang5 game4 gangbang4 blast3 hustle3 mash2 rapper2 rap2 stack2 chill2 gang2 keep it real2 mayne2 scrilla2 bust2 flip2 G2 game2 homie2 I'mma2 e'ry ⋅ fall off ⋅ floss freaky ⋅ fuck with go hard grain ⋅ green grind hoe hood hustler hydro in the mix l loot ⋅ mad make it rain po-po punk rhyme rock shife shot soldier ⋅ spit spot ⋅ street ⋅ sucker thug twisted ⋅ underground ⋅ wild out ⋅ word is bond yo paper bent ⋅ hold it down Mary Jane ⋅ 6 9 to 5 ⋅ a-alike ball ⋅ bitch bitch bling block booty ⋅ bud ⋅ bust cat ⋅ cheddar clip Compton ⋅ dog dro
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