The Diplomats

make it rain

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to throw money into the air
Collocates club16 bitch7 I'mma6 bands4 stack4 hoe3 tryna2 bitch2 hood mail maintain push rack ride ⋅ rock shorty ⋅ trip wet yayo A.T.L. ball ⋅ boo boss ⋅ chain ⋅ fuck with gangbang
Domains Money
Etymology bank notes floating down are likened to falling rain
Synonyms trick ⋅ trick off
Related concepts ball ⋅ bank Benjamin Benjamin Franklin bill ⋅ billy bread cabbage cake cheddar cheese cream dead president digits dough ends fetti G green guap knot lettuce loot ⋅ mail paper root of evil scratch ⋅ scrill scrilla snaps stack trap

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