MC Hammer


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Collocates bitch4 game4 havin' thangs4 off the chain4 chain3 H-town3 maintain3 cane2 -ass2 baby mama2 block2 coke2 drop2 fin2 gank2 hoe2 keep it real2 long2 lucci2 paper2 swanga2 what it do2 what it do2 ya heard2 211 22 ⋅ 24 third coast 40 B.I. baller ⋅ ball ⋅ bezel ⋅ biatch big-ballin ⋅ bitch bitch blow ⋅ bruh ⋅ buck-wild ⋅ Cadillac ⋅ cake chips chronic ⋅ clique up Clover club cop crack crunk cuddy Cutty d-boy D-town ⋅ dirt ⋅ dirty ⋅ down ⋅ down with ⋅ X fiend ⋅ floss flossed out flow four fifth Forgis G gangbang ⋅ geeked glock good got grain ⋅ hater heat hyna hit ⋅ holla at ya boy hundred-pack hustler hydro I'mma Ian Jacob janky lock it down ⋅ muh'fucker off the hizzle on lock on lock on point on the grind on the low out chea paid pine player-hate playa-made pop ⋅ posse up push reggie rep on ⋅ ride ⋅ ride ⋅ rock rolly roll with roll Rover sack shot-caller show out simp slang slow your roll slug spinner ⋅ stack straight up strapped the Bay 3-wheel thuggish trap trill trill Valley Joe yayo yo zip
Domains Everyday
Etymology from a regional pronunciation of man
Synonyms B ⋅ dog G god homeboy homie loc ⋅ son wodie

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