The Jaz


transitive verb
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to sell (drugs)
Collocates weight91 ki7 brick6 food5 boulder4 chicken4 O.Z.4 pack4 slang4 trap4 block3 coke3 crack3 package3 pound3 snow3 work3 bird2 cop2 D2 dime2 eightball2 ends2 fed2 flake2 on the grind2 powder2 rap2 weed2 yay2 zip2 40 around the way birdy bitch boo boss ⋅ bruh ⋅ cane cat ⋅ cavi chop ⋅ chronic ⋅ clique corner ⋅ crack rock dap dope drank ⋅ ends ese fish scale flip ⋅ front fuck with G G-ride gangstress gram ⋅ hard herb hoe hood hundred-sack hustle hustler I'mma jake ⋅ kilo ⋅ kush lac mail nickel O ⋅ O.G. on swoll paper papes peace ⋅ purp push quarter ⋅ rapper re-up rock scrill slab snowflake sour diesel spot ⋅ stack straight street ⋅ syrup ⋅ throwed ⋅ uzi ⋅ white white girl yayo
Domains Drug sales
Synonyms grind hustle push

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