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transitive verb
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to sell
Collocates weight127, ki9, chicken7, brick5, pack5, slang5, trap5, block4, boulder4, crack4, O.Z.4, package4, bird3, coke3, dime3, hustler3, pound3, powder3, rock3, snow3, cane2, chronic2, cop2, D2, eightball2, fed2, flake2, flip2, hood2, kilo2, nickel2, on the grind2, ounce2, rap2, slab2, weed2, white girl2, work2, yay2, yayo2, zip2, 40, around the way, bitch, blow, boo, boss, bruh, cat, cavi, chop, clique, clock, cook, corner, crack rock, dap, dope, drank, ends, ese, fish scale, 44, front, fuck with, G, G-ride, game, gangstress, gram, hard, hard, herb, hip-hop, hoe, hundred-sack, hustle, hustle, I'mma, jake, knot, kush, lac, laced, loot, mail, manteca, O, on swoll, on the cut, on the low, paper, papes, peace, perico, piff, pimp, purp, push, quarter, rapper, re-up, rhyme, rhyme, scrill, shorty, snowflake, son, sour diesel, spot, stack, straight, straight, street, syrup, throwed, tote, trap, 20, uzi, wet, white, yola
Domains Drug Sales
Synonyms flip, grind, hustle, pump, push, serve, slang, sling, trap
Related concepts cake up

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