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a 9 millimeter handgun
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Collocates pack4 glock4 bitch4 tote3 pop3 bust2 bust a cap2 shotty2 whip2 pop2 Medina2 beamer2 chopper coke ⋅ crew fiend ⋅ fiend ⋅ G gangsta gank ghetto go hard heater homie hooptie hot one Mac mean-mug nina ross player-hate pop ⋅ rapper roll with sawed-off set ⋅ snitch ⋅ spit spit straight strap ⋅ strap ⋅ strapped TEC trip wanksta wild ⋅ fifth gauge 40 I'mma squeeze ⋅ 45 ⋅ 9 millimeter ⋅ AK ⋅ beef bitch bitch body chea
Shout-outs Argentina Evisu Noxema Tina Turner
Synonyms 9 9 milli nina ross

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