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much or many
(frequently used by Caribbean rappers)
Collocates props6, rhyme4, la3, flow3, clip2, game2, heat2, pack2, shot2, boogie-down2, block2, crew2, Dutch, fiend, ghost, glock, gwan, HK, hype, ill, kick, lick, loot, mad, mom dukes, peeps, play, projects, pump, rap, represent, rock, rock, roll with, roughneck, sheisty, skunk, straight up and down, thug, weed, yo, yo, Calico, round, 5-0, 45, crazy, bitch, bring, buckshot, Bucktown, bud, burn, clock, cop, dime bag, dinero, drop
Etymology from enough
Synonyms crazy, hella, mad
Related concepts to the max
Rhymes shyst'

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