Tone Lōc


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an ounce of marijuana, cocaine, or some other drug
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Collocates ki18 tree6 slang5 move4 kilo3 cop2 flip2 front2 G2 gram2 white2 O.G.2 serve2 dime2 chop2 chicken china white ⋅ coke ⋅ come up ⋅ cook ⋅ crew dime bag dough dub ⋅ got haze ⋅ homie hundred-sack kush O.G. Olde E puff ⋅ pump ⋅ quarter ⋅ roll with snowflake straight twist up ⋅ uzi ⋅ whip sling ⋅ rock rolly eightball weed 40 bird bitch blow ⋅ blow ⋅ blunt boss ⋅ buster cane cheddar
Domains Drug sales
Synonyms onion zip
Related words O ⋅ ounce

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