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off the chain

prepositional phrase
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Collocates mayne4 off the hook3 club3 bitch2 grain2 H-town2 bang ⋅ bitch blow ⋅ bow ⋅ Chi-town clique coke ⋅ crib crunk d-boy dirty ⋅ finna floss flow front G hood play ⋅ put it down rap raw ⋅ rims shorty ⋅ shook ⋅ slip ⋅ son steelo stunt swagger swang ⋅ tote whip wood-grain yo yo game ball ⋅ game peep 2
Domains Everyday
Etymology metaphorical, like a dog unleashed
Synonyms cavi crunk def dope fresh hot hype John Blaze John Blazed John Blazin off the heezy off the hizzle off the hizzy off the hook on point peng spank tight
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