on point

prepositional phrase
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of a person, performing well;
of a statement, accurate, true to life
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Collocates joint10, I'mma4, homie4, rhyme3, joint3, check2, hood2, beat2, flow2, muh'fucker2, game2, gat2, smoke2, bitch2, burner, cat, chicken, club, diss, down, down with, drop, dump, flavor, for real, game, green, hate, heat, hella, honey, hood, how we do, ice, jake, jam, knot, live, money, no doubt, pack, po-po, rock, scrill, shank, sheisty, soldier, static, steez, tight, tree, Vogue, yo, Zenith, spit, thug, DJ, god, joint, slip, sucker, weed, B, beef, bent, blunt, bump, bumrush
Etymology from the 1930s in sense meaning "accurate", "relevant"
Related concepts go off, kill, represent, rip, rock, turn it out
Related words on chill, on deck, on fleek, on lock, on smash, on swoll
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