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on the grind

prepositional phrase
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Collocates mine8, 24-77, go hard5, paper4, hustle3, I'mma3, guap3, dough2, move2, grind2, homie2, hustler2, shorty2, trap2, tryna2, block2, blow2, dope-boy, drank, dro, ends, ese, fetti, fifth, figures, G, game, gang, gangsta, get over, gram, hate, havin' thangs, hoe, honey, hood, jack, knock, loc, mail, make moves, mayne, mill, on one, pie, pigeon, player, rapper, rhyme, rock, rock, roll up, roll, scratch, scrill, serve, spit, stack, stack up, stack, steady, throwed, thug, weed, weight, yay, brick, dime, nickel, 24-7-365, 619, gangbang, keep it real, D's, 9, about, all about, as shit, ball, beat, Benz, bitch, bitch, bust, buster, cake, chips, crackhead, crib, dank
Related concepts 24-7, ends, grind, grinder, hustle, mine
Related words on the daily, on the real, on the regular
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