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on the grind

prepositional phrase
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Collocates mine6 paper4 24-74 guap4 hustle3 go hard3 I'mma3 hustler2 move2 block2 blow2 trap2 grind2 homie2 tryna2 chips crackhead crib D's dank ⋅ dime dope-boy drank ⋅ dro ends ese fetti fifth figures G game gang ⋅ gangbang ⋅ gangsta get over hate ⋅ havin' thangs honey ⋅ hood jack ⋅ keep it real knock ⋅ loc ⋅ make moves ⋅ mayne mill ⋅ nickel on one pie ⋅ pigeon ⋅ player rapper rhyme rock rock roll up ⋅ roll scratch ⋅ scrill spit stack stack steady throwed ⋅ thug weed weight birdy 513 dough 24-7-365 619 about ⋅ all about ⋅ as shit ball ⋅ beat Benz bitch bitch brick buster cake
Related concepts 24-7 ends grind grinder ⋅ hustle mine
Related words on the daily on the real ⋅ on the regular
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