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on the low

prepositional phrase
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in secret;
with a low profile
(typically modifying an action)
Collocates hoe10, dough7, flow7, creep6, hate6, tryna4, dro3, fed3, heat3, hit3, -ass3, yo3, 5-03, rap3, bitch3, cat3, floss2, hater2, hood2, hydro2, in the cut2, make moves2, roll with2, shit2, tight2, snitch2, son2, steady2, I'mma2, shorty2, yo2, ayo2, baby mama2, bitch2, blow2, blow2, cheese2, chill2, club2, coke2, crazy2, crib2, dime2, dirt2, dog2, loot, mayne, MC, metal, mill, move, murk, narc, on smash, po-po, puff, rapper, ratchet, real, roll, serve, shit, shorty, shot, show and prove, slip, smooth, snow, snub, spit, stack, stash spot, straight, strapped, TEC, thug, thugged-out, tree, wack, weed, what it is, whip, whip, wifey, ya heard, diss, 38, 44, all about, around the way, b-boy stance, beat, bird, black, blaze, blazed, blow, boo, bout, burn, chickenhead, clique, clown, cop, dap, Daytona, dis, drop a dime, East New York, feel, fiend, flow, for sure, freak, freak, front, fuck with, fuck with, fucked up, G, game, get with, Henny, homie, hustle, ice grill, jake, ki, kush, Lex
Derivatives on the low-low
Related words down-low, low-down
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