The Notorious B.I.G.


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a cigar, typically emptied of tobacco and packed with marijuana
Collocates roll9, blunt5, flow4, blow3, hoe3, I'mma3, O3, puff3, Swisher3, weed3, Backwoods2, blow2, chop2, crawl2, hydro2, Phillie2, roll up2, -ass, 4, beamer, blaze, burn, Cadillac, candy, do do, dog, doja, dro, Dutch, indo, fifth, flip, 44, green, joint, la, lac, Mo, narco, pop, pound, puff, roll with, sack, snow, spit, steady, sticky, swang, toke, tree, tryna, twist, Vega, Vogue, white line, White Owl, work, X.O., zig-zag
Etymology from Optimo, a brand of cigar
Related concepts Backwoods, Dutch, Owl, Philly, Swisher, Vega, White Owl

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