transitive verb
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to observe;
to listen to
Antonyms sleep on
Collocates creep3, hoe3, game3, steelo2, yo2, game2, steez2, flavor2, tool2, clock, club, cock, cream, D, D's, D, DT, figures, flow, freak, get over, hella, homie, hustler, hustle, iced-out, in the cut, ish, LBC, legit, locster, MC, off the hook, peace out, peep out, player, recognize, rep, rhyme, ride, rock, roll on, roscoe, run game on, shife, simp, slang, soldier, straight up, sweat, thugged-out, time, underdig, wanksta, wet up, peeps, gauge, son, stee, 411, four pound, bammer, bank, bust a move, buster
Derivatives peep out
Synonyms check, recognize

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