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Collocates beat4 heat3 Jesus piece2 holla at2 rep2 shout-out2 keep it real2 mad2 nuff2 props2 chill2 crazy2 I'mma2 peep peep out ⋅ pound ⋅ puff ⋅ re-up re-up shot skunk sleep on stack steady street-sweep tool turn it out weed yo all that ⋅ beef Bentley ⋅ Benz black ⋅ bomb ⋅ cop diss dog fed green homeboy hustle Nolia player-hater spray ⋅ squad tryna whipped ⋅ yo a-alike aight ⋅ assed-out big up ⋅ blunt brick chips crazy freak ⋅ lick ⋅ mill ⋅ no doubt
Etymology from "people"
Synonyms crew

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