Nigga's Off The Street


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a member of the Piru set, part of the Bloods gang, founded in Los Angeles, California
Categories Gangs
Collocates Crip11, blood7, Bompton2, gang2, blue, bool, color, Compton, crew, diss, dump on, fuck with, gangbang, homie, loc'd up, punk, rep, slang, slob, stay, tool, what's up, shout-out, beef, bitch, block
Domains Crime, Violence
Region L A, West Coast
Etymology from Piru, a street in Compton; the Bloods & Crips song "Piru Love" explains, "Piru is Crip in reverse, put the 'c's on his back"
Holonyms Blood
Related concepts clique, color, crew, Crip, gangbang, gang sign, set-trip, throw a set, throw up

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