Kevie Kev


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a successful, powerful person; a promiscuous person
Collocates rhyme sayer15, Chi-town6, pimp6, gators6, the Bay6, H-town5, baller5, boss4, player-hate4, hustler4, flavor4, hater3, pusher3, Timbs2, ball2, weight2, baby mama2, dope2, A.T.L.2, figures2, game2, mack daddy2, ill2, mack2, mail2, paid2, pimp2, platinum2, presidential2, simp2, game, gangsta, Garcia Vega, get over, ghetto-fabulous, go hard, grind, grinder, guap, hard, hate, havin' thangs, hella, hit a lick, holla, holla at ya boy, homie, hoochie, how we do, hundred spoke, hustle, in the cut, it's on, keep it real, knock, l, LBC, mad, mash out, max, mean-mug, narc, Nolia, O.G., on lock, on the grind, ounce, papes, parlay, peep, pen, Philly, pimp, play, po-po, pop, proper, regulator, rider, right chea, roll, roll with, Sac-town, scrill, shot-caller, snitch, soldier, spark up, stack, steelo, stunt, third coast, throwed, thugged-out, tight, trill, True, turn it out, U.P.T., uncut, wannabe, wet up, what it is, word is bond, ya heard, yo, I'mma, true dat, buck-fifty, break off, player-hate on, Cali, ghetto, real, smooth, cake, push, fuck with, steppers, yac, ballin, barre, Benz, biatch, bitch, bling, blunted, bopper, bub, candy, check, chill, chillin' like a villain, clock, corner, crew, crunked, cuff, dime, dimepiece, down, fed, fetti, floss, for real, 40, frosty, fuck with
Derivatives player-hater
Synonyms baller, big willie, boss, shot-caller
Related words player-hate

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