Geto Boys


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Collocates hard4 rock3 slang3 crack3 push3 weed2 move2 pusher2 brick -iz- ⋅ bump ⋅ cake coke ⋅ crackhead crew cut ⋅ dime dope down with ⋅ fix ⋅ flip ⋅ flow fuck with ghetto good green hard white heron hoe homie hood hustle hustle hustle indo jake ⋅ nick pack pack pen ⋅ pine raw ⋅ reefer ⋅ rhyme sherm sizzurp sling ⋅ soda ⋅ son sour ⋅ sprung ⋅ steady stone ⋅ trapper tree wack weight white line work zip bitch 187 eightball base ⋅ blow ⋅ blow ⋅ boulder
Domains Cocaine Drugs
Synonyms A1 cane cocaina flake ice cream nose candy perico snow snowflake snow white V-12 white white girl white horse white line yac yam yay yayo yola

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