MC Shan


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from the projects, i.e. urban social housing;
characteristic of urban poverty
Collocates hoe7, bitch2, gangsta2, hustler2, 5-0, -iz-, blood, booty, bout, chrome, clique, corner, dime, flavor, ghetto, go hard, government cheese, grimy, gritty, gutter, Henny, holla, holla at ya boy, hoochie, hood, hustle, Jordans, lamp, loc, pimp, shank, sheisty, shit, shit, skeezer, spark, straight up, thug, tool, trife, wild out, wodie, yo, crazy, head, loot, fifth
Synonyms ghetto, gully, gutter, hood
Related concepts Calio, CP3, gangsta, grimy, gritty, hardcore, Magnolia, Marcy, Melph, Nolia, PJs, QB, Queensbridge, raw, real, rugged, street, the Bridge

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