Biz Markie


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Categories Accolades
Collocates hops8, nuff8, mad5, wreck shop4, hip-hop4, shot3, yo3, crazy3, buckshot3, keep it real3, dog2, dreadlocks2, biscuit2, boogie-down2, peeps2, booyaka2, bust2, homie2, knot2, hate2, rock2, pop2, MC, parlay, peep, peep out, play, player-hate, proper, punk, rap, rapper, raw, rep, rep, rhyme, roll with, seed, sleep on, snatch, son, spot, step off, straight up, stunt, sucker duck, True, tryna, word, B, 808, and shit, Audi, back in the day, biatch, bitch, bust, chop, clip, cock, drop, drop, ends, ghetto, -iggity, glock, hella, hip-hopper, hood, ki, let off
Etymology Derives from propers
Related concepts respect
Related words proper

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