put it down

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to perform well;
especially, to rap well
Collocates H-town8 I'mma4 represent2 around the way bail ⋅ bar break it down ⋅ C-town cheddar Clover dope-boy dump on ⋅ ese everything is everything finna fresh grind hoe homie hype loco mine ⋅ Nolia off the chain on the regular player-hater po-po rock scrilla shit ⋅ shiznit spit stack up ⋅ stripes True tryna twisted ⋅ word ⋅ fin 619 A-town
Synonyms body bring ⋅ bust go off kick ⋅ kill ⋅ rep ⋅ represent rip ⋅ rock throw down turn it out wreck shop
Related concepts hold it down keep it real lock it down ⋅ maintain on point

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