put it down

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to perform well;
especially, to rap well
Collocates H-town8, I'mma4, represent2, around the way, bail, bar, break it down, C-town, cheddar, Clover, dope-boy, dump on, ese, everything is everything, fin', finna, fresh, grind, hoe, homie, hype, loco, mine, Nolia, off the chain, on the regular, player-hater, po-po, rock, scrilla, shit, shiznit, spit, stack up, stripes, True, tryna, twisted, word, 619, A-town
Synonyms body, bring, bust, go off, kick, kill, rep, represent, rip, rock, throw down, turn it out, wreck shop
Related concepts hold it down, keep it real, lock it down, maintain, on point

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