Mac Dre & Mac Mall


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(usage is all plural)
Categories Quantities
Collocates pack5, stack5, rap3, straight up2, chain2, bitch2, blow2, sack2, stack2, hit a lick, hoe, ki, Mac, paper, ride, rolly, Rover, rubber band, shit, slang, spit, stunt, to the max, trap, trap, True, commas, squad, geeked up, make it rain, kush, lettuce, onion, MAC-11, cheese, all about, beat, club, flip, front, gat, gouda, hella
Domains Money
Etymology perhaps after audio-equipment racks, which are also stacked
Synonyms knot, stack
Related concepts green, guap, lettuce, long, loot, mail, paper, root of evil, scratch, scrill, scrilla, snaps, tall

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