The Sugarhill Gang


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a hip-hop lyricist, someone who writes and performs raps
Categories Occupations
Collocates gun-clapper11, wack10, -ass7, trapper6, drop4, stunt4, front4, flavor4, booty4, backpacker4, punk3, no homo3, go hard3, flow3, crazy3, new jack2, paid2, cock-strong2, mad2, sneak dis2, Philly2, punk2, snatch2, swag2, throwback2, toolie2, tryna2, wackness2, weed2, as shit2, baby mama2, backpack2, beef2, biter2, body2, crack2, dope2, fugazi2, hoe2, hot2, iced-out2, kick2, maintain2, green, half-step, hard, heat, hip-hopper, hoodie, Hot 97, jacker, Jacob, 'jects, keep it real, Kool-Aid, l, MC, mental, move, nickel, nina, on lock, on one, on the grind, on the low, on the regular, on wax, Oreo, pimp, presidential, projects, props, -iggity, rap, rap, raw, represent, rhyme sayer, rhyme, roll, roll on, roll with, ruckus, shit, shotta, shotty, skeeze, slanger, sleep on, spit, steady, step to, stomp, stripes, swagger, swanga, Timbs, tool, trip, triple beam, turn it out, uncut, Vogue, weight, wick-wack, yo, air out, bumrush, clock, diss, dopeness, drop science, gangsta lean, herb, mad, on the DL, played-out, realness, run a train, sucker duck, 187, A and R, A-town, as fuck, ayo, biatch, bitch, blaze, block, booyaka, bozack, buck, Bushwick, bust, cabbage, Caddy, peel someone's cap, Casper, chin check, clap, clown on, cracker, crackhead, crazy, dap, dinero, dog, dope, dough, down with, dreads, drop, DT, figures, 40, G, game, gangbanger, gangsta, gangsta, gat, ghetto
Domains Music
Etymology Derives from rap
Synonyms MC
Related concepts flow, rhyme, spit

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