The Roots


1999-05-18 Gospel Gangstaz "Once Was Blind" [I Can See Clearly Now]
Can't doubt that I'm about that, trying to make some scrill, gotta pay those bills
1993-05-19 The Roots "Popcorn Revisited" [Organix]
I shout, move about, turn it out like minister
1994-09-13 Big Daddy Kane "The Way It's Goin' Down" [Daddy's Home]
Turn it out without a doubt and show what I'm about
1997-02-05 Saukrates "Father Time (Remix)" [Brickhouse EP]
About to turn it out, word up
2005-01-04 Ol' Dirty Bastard "Go Go Go" feat. Blah Bloomberg [Osirus]
About to turn it out like "Oh my god!"
2008-06-24 Immortal Technique "Reverse Pimpology" feat. Mojo [The 3rd World]
What we're concerned about is how to turn it out