Real Live


1996-10-01 Real Live "Day You Die" [The Turnaround: A Long Awaited Drama]
I don't know how to act, a 12 pack plus 20 sack
1996-06-25 Jay-Z "Politics As Usual" [Reasonable Doubt]
I wear black a lot in the Ac', act a lot
2004-12-07 Ludacris "Two Miles An Hour" [The Red Light District]
In a Beamer, Lexus, or Ac', we don't know how to act when we drive
2007 Othorized F.A.M. "Love Stories" feat. Ellie, Ghostface Killah [1st Amendment]
I 'member the first time we engaged in the act in the Ac'
2004 Crooked I "Renegade '04" [Young Boss Vol. 1]
Gave my people crack, counter attack that with the RICO act
2008-02-26 Pete Rock "Bring Y'all Back" feat. Joe Scudda, Little Brother [NY's Finest]
I'm tryna act, cop me a lac
1997-09-23 Organized Konfusion "Hate" [The Equinox]
Only to cop more smack, rock from cops that act