2004-03-02 Cee-Lo "My Kind of People" [Cee-Lo Green Is The Soul Machine]
You know how me and my folks do it, it's A-town, we don't play around
2008-09-30 T.I. "What Up, What's Haapnin'" [Paper Trail]
All around the A-town
1995-05-30 Show & A.G. "Check It Out" feat. Party Arty [Goodfellas]
From the boogie down, brothers stand around with a frown
2009-11-16 Slug & Murs "Permanent Standby" [Felt 3: A Tribute to Rosie Perez]
She can bust down and run around
2002-11-12 Jay-Z "All Around The World" feat. Latoiya Williams [The Blueprint 2: The Gift & The Curse]
Chi-town, all around the world
2001-05-01 D.P.G. "I'ma Gangsta" [Dillinger & Young Gotti]
Whip out the fo' pound, dump 'cause he's moving around
2002-04-09 Gravediggaz "Bloodshed" [Nightmare In A-Minor]
Dirty cops come around with four-pounds, and niggaz get shot down dead
1999 D-Gotti "Nu World Order" feat. Dirty $, D-Reck, E.S.G. [The Dirty 3rd Soundtrack]
Boys run around through H-town
2001-02-27 H.A.W.K. "Hot Shit" [HAWK]
I suggest you move around, unless you screaming H-town
2006 Billy Cook "Drama" feat. H.A.W.K., Meechie [The Truth]
Ask around if you in H-town, they'll tell you I don't play around
2009-08-04 Chamillionaire "Successful" [Mix Tape Messiah 7]
Every chick I'm around in that H-town messed up
2012-01-19 Kirko Bangz "Mind Went Blank" [Progression 2: A Young Texas Playa]
I gotta stay down, H-town up in the air when I'm around
1995-04-25 Mobb Deep "Give Up The Goods (Just Step)" feat. Big Noyd [The Infamous]
Po-po ain't around, so I grab my pound
1995-07-03 Luniz "I Got Five On It" [Operation Stackola]
Homies, don't play around, we down to blaze a pound
1999-03-16 Pastor Troy "No More Play In G.A." [We Ready, I Declare War]
None of my folks don't fuck around, quick to spit every round
1998-09-07 Black Eyed Peas "Clap Your Hands" [Behind The Front]
I shake it all around, niggas know how we be throwin' down
1994-07-19 MC Eiht "Niggaz Make The Hood Go Round" [We Come Strapped]
Niggas ain't fuckin around when they hood starts throwing down, geah
1997-07-15 Cru "Nuthin' But" feat. Black Rob [Da Dirty 30]
Fuck around, lay around on the wet ground by the tray pound
2004-03-16 Cassidy "I'm Hungry" [Split Personality]
I'd rather walk around all day wit the tre pound
2011-12-09 50 Cent "Nah, Nah, Nah" feat. Tony Yayo [The Big 10]
You fuck around, the tre-pound, that's six rounds for the raw
1994-04-07 M.O.P. "Guns N Roses" [To The Death]
I walk around with the motherfuckin trey-pound