1996-08-27 OutKast "Extraterrestrial" [ATLiens]
Extraterrestrial, straight from ATL
2001-09-11 Fabolous "Get Smart" [Ghetto Fabolous]
The way females show southern hospitality in ATL
1996-07-30 Mr. Mike "Da Boogie Man" [Wicked Wayz]
We raise hell from ATL to Chi-town to South Bronx
1998-03-03 Scarface "Krunch Time" feat. KB [My Homies]
Country as hell, straight from the land of ATL
2003-03-04 Lil Wyte "Zero Tolerance (Fuck Them Laws)" [Doubt Me Now]
Take a trip to the ATL, holla at my boy Terrell
2000-01-04 H.A.W.K. "Somebody Say 'Oh Yea'" feat. Big Pokey, Chris Ward, Lil' Flip, Mike D [Under Hawk's Wings]
Pay me well, from H-town to ATL