1995-08-10 Sista "It's Alright" feat. Craig Mack [Dangerous Minds Soundtrack]
Into a 20 sack, and I'mma be back wit my boy Craig Mack like that
1994-09-13 The Notorious B.I.G. "Juicy" [Ready To Die]
Now my mom pimps a Ac' with minks on her back
1996-06-04 Lost Boyz "Get Up" [Legal Drug Money]
Back in my Ac, I'm outta town
1996-07-15 Sadat X "Game's Sober" feat. Money Boss Players [Wild Cowboys]
I plays the back of the Ac, with the tints half cracked
1996-10-29 Ghostface Killah "260" feat. Raekwon [Ironman]
Back in a drive-through Kentucky Fried, shot up his Ac
1998-04-07 Do Or Die "Still Po Pimpin'" feat. Johnny P, Twista [Headz Or Tailz]
Ac, windows down, with the top back
1998-12-15 DJ Clue "Fantastic Four" feat. Big Pun, Cam'Ron, Canibus, Noreaga [The Professional]
I used to have to pack a MAC in the back of the Ac
1998 Cappadonna "Run" [The Pillage]
Never look back, push the Ac' on the sidewalk
1999-06-21 Masters of Illusion "We All Over" [Kutmasta Kurt Presents Masters of Illusion]
I threw the gat in the back of his Ac
1999-06-22 Saukrates "Vietnam" [The Underground Tapes]
Split, jump in the Ac, it's deaded in the back
2000-07-11 Big L "Casualties of A Dice Game" [The Big Picture]
After head crack, got my bread back, jumped in my red Ac'
2001-05-22 Kardinal Offishall "Gotta Get It" feat. Saukrates [Firestarter Vol 1: Quest For Fire]
Bring it back, firing legal hollows out the Ac'
2002-06-25 Ray Luv "War Gamez" feat. Outlawz [A Prince In Exile]
Layin back in a Ac seat, blast my heat
2003-08-19 The Neptunes "Rock N' Roll" feat. Fam-Lay [The Neptunes Present... Clones]
Ac' coupe Legend with the gold in the back
2003-10-07 RZA "Wherever I Go" feat. Allah Real, Daddy-O, Division [Birth of A Prince]
Like the great Pun, packin' a MAC in the back of the ac'
2005-01-04 Ol' Dirty Bastard "Fuck Y'all" [Osirus]
Strap in the back of the Ac', Dirty rose like that
2005 Pumpkinhead "I Just Wanna Rhyme" [Orange Moon Over Brooklyn]
My crew is the Ac', and we're back with a vengeance
2006-03-21 Army of The Pharaohs "Silence & I" [The Torture Papers]
Packin' MACs in the back of the Ac on some Big Pun shit
2006-10-31 A.G. "Frozen" [Get Dirty Radio]
I dropped out, came back with the green ac'
2011-09-27 9th Wonder "Streets of Music" feat. Enigma, Tanya Morgan [The Wonder Years]
Boom baps rap like comin from the back of the Ac'
2013-11-05 Eminem "Rap God" [The Marshall Mathers LP 2]
With this rappity-rrap packing a MAC in the back of the Ac
1995-08-29 Junior M.A.F.I.A. "Oh My Lord" feat. The Notorious B.I.G. [Conspiracy]
Like Ill and Al Skratch, smokin 50 sacks in the back of Ac's
2003-11-23 Nelly "Work It" feat. Justin Timberlake [Da Derrty Versions: The Reinvention]
I like yo Air Max, they showin no back
2003-11-14 Jay-Z "Dirt Off Your Shoulder" [The Black Album]
Me and my beautiful beeitch in the back of that 'bach
2009-03-31 Bow Wow "Anything You Can Do" [New Jack City II]
Ha, that's funny, I'm in the back of that 'bach
2010-07-20 Rick Ross "Maybach Music III" feat. Erykah Badu, Jadakiss, T.I. [Teflon Don]
If I ain't in the back of the 'bach, I ain't in nothing else
2011-08-11 Meek Mill "I'm On One (Freestyle)" [Dreamchasers]
Put yo girl in back of that bach, main two reasons she ain't gon' front
2012-10-22 Kendrick Lamar "Compton" feat. Dr. Dre, Sly [good kid, m.A.A.d city]
When I'm back in the back of my city, back in the 'bach
2012-10-30 Meek Mill "All Eyes On You" feat. Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj [All Eyes On You]
I got him in the back of that 'bach, I think he catchin' feelings
2013-09-30 Nelly "Get Like Me" feat. Nicki Minaj, Pharrell [M.O.]
Back of the 'bach slumpty, Humpty Dumpty
2013-10-31 Fredo Santana "Jealous" feat. Kendrick Lamar [Trappin' Ain't Dead]
Back inside my 'Bach, back in a garage that we can jack
2016-02-05 Young Thug "Bread Winners" feat. Young Butta [I'm Up]
In the back of the Bach, uh
2016-07-22 Gucci Mane "Waybach" [Everybody Looking]
Ridin' in the 'Bach with the seat way back
1995-11-07 Erick Sermon "Set It Off" [Double Or Nothing]
Watch your back, black, don't even step up, word is born
1993-05-04 Run-D.M.C. "In The House" [Down With The King]
Now ease up, back off the bo-zack, you know that you bite
1990-12-15 EPMD "Rampage" feat. LL Cool J [Business As Usual]
Now sit back and ride my bozack
1995-01-24 Too $hort "We Do This" feat. 2Pac, Father Dom, MC Breed [Cocktails]
To the front and back, nothing but the bozack
1997-11-25 2Pac "Fake Ass Bitches" [R U Still Down? (Remember Me)]
So get the bozack, knockin hoes back, keep my dough stacked
2003-08-07 Lil' Keke & Slim Thug "Southern Nigga" feat. 8Ball, E-Roc, Mr. Lee, Rell [The Big Unit]
We rolling Cadillacs with the wheel on back and the leather and wood
1998-03-24 Das EFX "Rap Scholar" feat. Redman [Generation EFX]
Click-clack, get back, dunn, let me rip that
2000-07-11 Big L "Casualties of A Dice Game" [The Big Picture]
Click-clack, cock the gat back, gotta be strapped
2005-07-05 Missy Elliott "Click Clack" [The Cookbook]
Click clack, cock back, semi-automatic track
2010-05-25 Bizarre "Down This Road" feat. Yelawolf [Friday Night At St. Andrews]
1991-09-24 A Tribe Called Quest "Check The Rhime" [The Low End Theory]
Kids, watch your back, 'cause I think they smoke crack
1992-09-22 Showbiz & A.G. "40 Acres & My Props" [Runaway Slave]
I don't wanna be the fat cat off the crack and have the feds down my back
1995-07-03 Luniz "Playa Hata" feat. Teddy [Operation Stackola]
I heard them ridin around, smokin crack in the back of my homie's lex
1996-02-13 Fugees "Cowboys" [The Score]
You talk back, hustlin' crack don't make you bigger
1997-09-02 Master P "Throw Em Up" feat. Kane & Abel [Ghetto D]
Watch your back when you hustling crack
2005-05-31 Sean Price "One Two Ya'll" [Monkey Barz]
Do it for the thugs in the back, who be hustlin' crack
2006-04-28 Husalah "Bonus Track #1" [Dope, Guns & Religion]
He went down, got back like nine zips of cooked crack
1991-05-14 Ice-T "Ziplock" [O.G. Original Gangster]
You give me a dap, I give you one back
2014-08-25 G-Unit "Changes" [The Beauty of Independence]
They gave dap, now they say you never gave back
1994-10-25 Willie D "Play Witcha Mama" feat. Ice Cube [Play Witcha Mama]
Just give me some dap and I'm a give you some dap back
1993-01-26 King Tee "Triflin' Nigga" [Tha Triflin' Album]
The gangsta rap to make niggaz start fightin' back
2002-08-06 Scarface "Sellout" [The Fix]
Flippin the script from ballin back to gangsta rap classics
2003-09-16 Necro "Street Veteran" feat. Mr. Hyde [Brutality, Part 1]
Fuck gangsta rap, cause I'll shank ya back
2008-08-05 Ras Kass "Behind The Musick" [Institutionalized Vol. 2]
Call west coast gangster rap wack, then sold it back to us
2011-02-22 D-Sisive "The Gun (Twenty Ten)" [Jonestown 2: Jimmy Go Bye Bye]
With my hat to the back, no gangster rap, son
1987-11-06 N.W.A. "8 Ball" [N.W.A. & The Posse]
Had to go in my trunk, reach inside, cause it's like that, came back out with a silver gat
1993-04-01 Ray Luv "Get My Money On" [Get My Money On]
Now my gat's got my back while I get my mail on
1993-11-08 Brotha Lynch Hung "Had 2 Gat Ya" [24 Deep]
Sellin my momma the crack? Watch yo back, cause you know I had to gat ya
1996-10-29 Mobb Deep "Nighttime Vultures" feat. Raekwon [Hell On Earth]
Push the shit back, QBC gat, plottin to move back
2002-11-12 Jay-Z "The Watcher 2" feat. Dr. Dre, Rakim, Truth Hurts [The Blueprint 2: The Gift & The Curse]
I take the gat and cock it, and I'll sit back and watch it
1993-09-28 Souls of Mischief "What A Way To Go Out" [93 Til Infinity]
I wanna join a gang, they'll have my back with gats
1999-04-27 Drag-On "Down Bottom" feat. Juvenile [Ruff Ryders: Ryde Or Die Volume One]
All you can do is cuss back in your weak raps bout how you bust gats
1999-11-16 Dr. Dre "The Next Episode" feat. Kurupt, Nate Dogg, Snoop Dogg [2001]
With Doc in the back, sipping on 'gnac
2005-07-05 Missy Elliott "My Struggles" feat. Grand Puba, Mary J. Blige [The Cookbook]
Yeah, I be that throwback cat, I throw back 'gnac
2006-04-17 Styles P "Come Clean" [The Ghost In The Machine]
Smokin haze, sippin 'gnac, gimme love, I give it back
2008-06-24 Three 6 Mafia "Outro" [Last 2 Walk]
Juicy J in the back, smokin on a sack, drinkin 'gnac
2010-07-06 Big Boi "Shutterbugg" feat. Bosko, Cutty, Debra Killings [Sir Lucious Left Foot... The Son of Chico Dusty]
Now, this goes out to all my playas in the back sippin 'gnac
1998 Brotha Lynch Hung "Devils & Gunsmoke" [Nigga Deep]
Watchin my back from gettin jacked by the 5-0
1996-04-09 MC Eiht "Love 4 Tha Hood" feat. Da Foe [Death Threatz]
Tote gats in the back of my lac, fool, I be dumpin'
1996-04-09 MC Eiht "Love 4 Tha Hood" feat. Da Foe [Death Threatz]
Tote gats in the back of my Lac, fool, I be dumpin
1996-09 Foesum "Listen To The Sound" [Perfection]
It's bumpin' like the back of a '83 lac
1997-06-03 South Central Cartel "West Coast Gangstas" [All Day Everyday]
In the back of the homie's 'lac
1999-03-16 Pastor Troy "It's On Down Here" [We Ready, I Declare War]
The candy green lac with some duals on the back
2001-06-26 Z-Ro "Wonder If I'm Blessed" feat. Chill, Wood [King of Da Ghetto]
Taking the back of my broad, pulling a candy lac in my yard
2003-02-18 O.G. Spanish Fly "Oldie" feat. Silencer [Back From The Dead]
Drinking by the back, sipping cognac in the lac
2003-07-22 Lil' Keke "High Come Down" feat. Shima [Street Stories Vol. 1]
Love the way I hit it from the back in the lac
2005-11-08 Young Buck "Get Your Murder On" feat. Rizin Sun [T.I.P.]
Back in my Lac, the auto fo' fo's and Optimos
2009-08-04 Chamillionaire "Coming Down Candy" [Mix Tape Messiah 7]
Swangers twistin on that Lac, got some chickens in the back
2013-01-15 A$AP Rocky "Suddenly" [Long. Live. A$AP]
Chilling in the back of the Lac
2015-02-03 Kid Ink "What It Feels Like" [Full Speed]
In the back of the 'Lac
2004-01-27 Twista "Get Me" [Kamikaze]
In the 'llac with a fifth and a blunt, in the back with a bitch and a pump
1992 Ice Cube "Trespass" feat. Ice-T [Trespass Soundtrack]
Tryin to get over on the black, but the motherfuckin' MAC will put a fuckin' slug in his back
1994-04-19 Nas "N.Y. State of Mind" [Illmatic]
Pick the MAC up, told brothers, "Back up," the MAC spit
1996-10-22 M.O.P. "Stick To Ya Gunz" feat. Kool G Rap [Firing Squad]
Keep my MAC hid up under back, two shots to crack lids
2000-11-20 Capone-N-Noreaga "All We Got Is Us" [The Reunion]
Hand on my MAC, cock back, ready to clap
2000 Half A Mill "Ghetto Girl" [Milion]
Hustlin' crack, bustin' the MAC, so nice clothes can cover your back
2006-04 Buddha Monk & Da Manchuz "Mongolian Wars" [Zu-Chronicles, Vol. 4: Manchuz Dynasty]
Run for your MAC and catch a hot one in your back, son
2012-08-27 A$AP Mob "Bangin On Waxx" [Lords Never Worry]
Got that MAC in the back of the Acura black
2012-11-06 Lil Fame & Termanology "From The Streets" feat. Freeway [Fizzyology]
The MAC'll make a hater collapse, crack his whole back
2013-11-05 Eminem "Rap God" [The Marshall Mathers LP 2]
Packing a MAC in the back of the Ac
2007-02-13 J.R. Writer "What Set You Claim" [Writers Block 4]
There's some chick I macked, in the back givin that top
2012-10-09 Xzibit "Crazy" feat. B-Real, Demrick, Jelly Roll [Napalm]
React with gauges and MACs, way back when I was droppin off packs
1994-05-23 Beastie Boys "Flute Loop" [Ill Communication]
So just sit back and max and relax
1996-07-15 Sadat X "Sauce For Birdheads" feat. Shawn Black [Wild Cowboys]
Brother in the back, he with the nickel-plated, maxin'
1992-04-09 Esham "Wake The Dead" [Judgement Day]
I never fall back, I'm not a new jack
2000-03-28 Common "Dooinit" [Like Water For Chocolate]
Mo'fucker move back, I pursue rap at the pace of a new jack
1996-07-02 N.W.A. "Express Yourself (Remix)" [Greatest Hits]
Dre is back, new jacks are made hollow
2002-07-30 Half A Mill "Salute" [Da Hustle Don't Stop]
Lay back, laughin at these rap new jacks
2012-09-25 Danny! "Payback" feat. Illmont [Payback]
Smackin' new jacks in the skull with the back of my pool stick
1999-11-30 Rakim "I Know" [The Master]
It's off the meat rack, can't keep my peeps back
2010-06-21 Eminem "Won't Back Down" feat. P!nk [Recovery]
I'm off the meat rack, bring the beat back
1989-05-31 Unique & Dashan "Three The Hard Way" feat. MC Buggs [Black To The Future]
Step back, cause I proceed to put the records on wax
1989 King Sun "All In" [XL]
Now I'm back on wax and your problems are gone
1994-03-22 Main Source "Down Low" [Fuck What You Think]
I'm back to rap on wax, so guess who's back
1994-08-16 Organized Konfusion "Let's Organize" feat. O.C., Q-Tip [Stress: The Extinction Agenda]
Expanding my cleverness on wax, to Japan and back
1996-12-10 Redman "Da Ill Out" feat. Def Squad [Muddy Waters]
Bomb attack on wax, lyrical mini MAC to your back
1997 Ultramagnetic MCs "Ultra Reunion" [The B-Side Companion]
The black on wax need to be brought back
2000-05-09 Big Ed "I Am The Hardest" [Special Forces]
2003-10-07 Paris "Lay Low" [Sonic Jihad]
Yeah I'm back, still rough on wax
1991-06-04 Kool Moe Dee "Gangsta Boogie" [Funke Funke Wisdom]
Watch your back, gotta pack, keep a gun, on the run
1990 415 "Call It What You Want 2" [41Fivin]
Loc's got my back and I know that he's packin
2011-06-25 Da Brat "Racks" feat. Jermaine Dupri, YC [Life After Death Mixtape]
If you ain't talkin racks, we ain't talkin back
2012-05-15 Killer Mike "Willie Burke Sherwood" [R.A.P. Music]
Give it all back, you can have the racks and fame
2003 Foxy Brown "Whatcha Gonna Do" [Bringing Down The House Soundtrack]
With chinchilla on my back, it's the king bitch of rap
1991-10-22 Del the Funky Homosapien "Pissin On Your Steps" [I Wish My Brother George Was Here]
I'm so laid back cause I smoked a phat sack
1993-05-28 Bone Thugs-n-Harmony "We Be Fiendin'" [Faces of Death]
I'm goin to purchase a sack, and then I kick back
1997-05-13 Gangsta Pat "I Wanna $moke (Part III)" [The Story of My Life]
Sack after sack I'm chiefin back to back
1996-09-17 Ras Kass "Reelishymn" [Soul On Ice]
Enough snaps to put clothes on my daughters back
1999-10-12 Warren G "Game Don't Wait" feat. Nate Dogg, Snoop Dogg [I Want It All]
They come back, and drop raps and make snaps so easy
1994-03-22 The Lady of Rage "Afro Puffs" feat. Snoop Doggy Dogg [Above The Rim Soundtrack]
Flat on your back from the raps that I spat
2008-02-26 Pete Rock "Gangsta Boogie" feat. Slum Village [NY's Finest]
I'm back, sippin' the yac, grippin' the stack
2006-11-14 Akon "I Wanna Fuck You" feat. Snoop Dogg [Konvicted]
Throwing bout thirty stacks in the back, make it rain like that
2012-01-12 Future "My Ho 2" [Astronaut Status]
Blow yo stacks, come and bring that pussy back
2012 Lil Herb "Play They Role" feat. Lil Bibby [Road to Fazoland]
Spendin stacks and steady get em back, sneak dissin, we'll get em wacked
1995-11-21 Cold World Hustlers "Straight Doin' It" [Iceland]
In my lap my fuckin' strap, and po po's on my fuckin' back
2015-02-03 Soulja Boy "We Don't Fight" [Loyalty]
I'ma tote the strap, I'ma catch 'em back
1990-07-01 Run-D.M.C. "Naughty" [Back From Hell]
Check me, I ain't strapped, pull the barricade back
1991-11-12 2Pac "Something Wicked" [2Pacalypse Now]
Oh shit, 2Pacalypse is back and strapped
2012-08-27 A$AP Mob "Bangin On Waxx" [Lords Never Worry]
Nasty back, and I'm strapped with that mothafuckin' AK
2012-10-30 Sean Price "The Hardest Nigga Out" [Mic Tyson]
You strapped, but you wack as you sat wit'cha back to the window
2014-04-03 Lil Herb "On the Corner" feat. KD Young Cocky, Lil Durk [Welcome to Fazoland]
Every night we strapped, police clear us up, we right back
1984 The Furious Five "Step Off" feat. Cowboy, Melle Mel, Scorpio [Step Off]
With another wack rapper tied to your back
1988-02-17 Audio Two "The Questions" [What More Can I Say?]
Yet behind my back, you persist I'm wack
1988-08-09 Rob Base & D.J. E-Z Rock "It Takes Two" [It Takes Two]
Take it off the rack, if it's wack, put it back
1989-11-07 Queen Latifah "The Pros" feat. Daddy-O [All Hail The Queen]
Four words to the wack, just "stay the hell back"
1993-10-19 Black Moon "Shit Iz Real" [Enta Da Stage]
Shoot the wack in the back, and I'm aight all day
1994-12-06 Black Sheep "Without A Doubt" [Non-Fiction]
To the peeps in the back, if you're not the wack, say, "Don't stop with the body rock"
1997-06-03 South Central Cartel "Niggas Git Dealt Wit" [All Day Everyday]
S.C. could never play the back, so the wack I confronted
2003 9th Prince "Slang Killaz" feat. Islord, P.R. Terrorist [Granddaddy Flow]
I'm takin this rap shit back from the wack
2007-05-25 Lost Secret "What If God Was A Girl" feat. Jakineko [Queens Hall of Science]
I'm back to attack the wack
1980 The Treacherous Three "Body Rock" [Body Rock]
To the back, back, back cause it's off the whack
1984 Newcleus "Jam On It" [Jam On It]
Three words to the whack, step yourself back
2000-05-30 Kid Rock "American Bad Ass" [The History of Rock]
With tracks that mack and slap back the whack
1992-02-11 Lord Finesse "Kicking Flavor With My Man" feat. Percee P [Return of The Funky Man]
Get back and get that wick wack shit out my face before you get smacked
1999-05-04 Mac-Shawn "Thought You Knew" feat. Daz Dillinger, E-40 [Chronic 2000: Still Smokin' (Suge Knight Represents)]
Remember that, nigga, we back, still got money, sippin yac
1999-10-12 Spice 1 "Gone With The Wind" [Immortalized]
Thinking back on when I used to drank yac in my younger days
2001-07-31 Da Beatminerz "The Anti-Love Movement" feat. Talib Kweli, Total [Brace 4 Impak]
Think back, I asked you if you drink 'yac
1998-03-24 Fatal "I Know The Rule" [In The Line of Fire]
At the bar, me and my thugs in back, sippin yack
1995-03-14 2Pac "Fuck The World" feat. Digital Underground [Me Against The World]
Sippin on yak as I sit back, life as a big mack
1996-10-29 Yo Yo "Same Ol' Thang (Everyday)" [Total Control]
On my back, sipping yak, smoking fat-ass sack, in fact
1997-05-13 Gangsta Pat "I Wanna $Moke (Part III)" [The Story of My Life]
I get a pint of yak and party till' I'm laid back
1999-10-19 Pharoahe Monch "Simon Says (Get The Fuck Up)" [Simon Says/Behind Closed Doors]
Queens is in the back, sippin yak, y'all, what's up?
2001-11-06 Dr. Dre "Bad Intentions" feat. Knoc-Turn'Al [The Wash Soundtrack]
We sip a lot of yak, fuck and never call back
2003-06-24 Gang Starr "Nice Girl, Wrong Place" feat. Boy Big [The Ownerz]
I'm in the back drinking yak, with you on my lap
2003-12-19 Chris Ward "Hey!!!" feat. Killa Kyleon [Veteran Rookie]
Go to the bar, purchase the yak, and stomp to the back