Mia X


1998-10-27 Mia X "Imma Shine" [Mama Drama]
Major, crazy bank, straight flossin, think I ain't?
1992-07-14 Too $hort "Somethin To Ride To" feat. Dangerous Crew [Shorty The Pimp]
The big dick gangsta who's fucking with dank and clocking the bank
1992 TRU "Niggas From Calli" feat. CMT, E-A-Ski, Master P, Rally Ral [Understanding The Criminal Mind]
Makin that bank, I'm from the motherfuckin Bay, so I'm fuckin with dank
2007-03-27 Lil' Flip "Starched & Cleaned" feat. Big Pokey, Lil' Keke [I Need Mine]
You sip you drank and get you bank, this is H-town
1990 Dangerous Dame "One Way Up" [I Got What You Want]
They gank you for your bank, but you can call it extortion
1993 Mac Dre "Young Black Brotha" [Young Black Brotha]
Some straight gank any damn thang to stack that bank
1996-11-12 Snoop Doggy Dogg "Gold Rush" feat. Kurupt, L.B.C. Crew [Tha Doggfather]
Let me think about which bank to gank
2003 Twista "Artillery" feat. Todd Nitty [Legit Ballin', Vol. 1]
Get the bank roll, gotta gank hoes
1992-02-04 Sir Mix-A-Lot "The Boss Is Back" [Mack Daddy]
I yank the bank, and I ain't been ganked
1992-10-06 Common "Charms Alarm" [Can I Borrow A Dollar?]
You got a crank gettin ganked for his bank by some snake
1999-05-11 Snoop Dogg "Ghetto Symphony" feat. No Limit [No Limit Top Dogg]
Doin bad, gettin ganked for my bank
2007-01-17 Too $hort "We Want It" feat. C-BO [Pimpin' Incorporated]
I go hard in the paint, hard large to the bank
2011-03-22 Gucci Mane "Brinks" feat. Master P [The Return of Mr. Zone 6]
He go hard in the paint, he got hard at the bank
1999-11-09 Dat Boy Grace "4's & 3's" feat. Wood, Z-Ro [From Crumbs To Bricks]
Drive a slab like a tank and stack up all your bank
2003-06-24 Gang Starr "Put Up Or Shut Up" feat. Krumb Snatcha [The Ownerz]
Like Tom Hanks I earn long bank and cast you away