2010-02-09 Canibus "Post Traumatic Warlab Stress" feat. DZK, Warbux [Melatonin Magik]
Cause I'm a beast, dog, you don't want no beef, punk
1993-05-25 Big Daddy Kane "Here Comes Kane, Scoob & Scrap" [Looks Like A Job For...]
Be advised that I pack heat for beef
2003-02-06 50 Cent "High All The Time" [Get Rich Or Die Tryin]
Niggas know I clap heat, only if you got beef
2008-04-22 Prodigy "3 Stacks" feat. Big Twin [H.N.I.C. Pt. 2]
I'm a G, rep QBC, with a fully on my back, kid, who want beef?
2005-09-20 Cage "Left It To Us" feat. Aesop Rock, El-P, Tame One, Yak Ballz [Hell's Winter]
Sleep on beef, wake up to hammers
2007-02-13 J.R. Writer "Live From The Kitchen" [Writers Block 4]
Any beef you know the street sweep under the lever