Lil Wayne


1996-07-15 Sadat X "Sauce For Birdheads" feat. Shawn Black [Wild Cowboys]
Now I jumped on the celly, bad feeling in my belly
1999 Foxy Brown "Hot Spot" [Chyna Doll]
Celly on roam, full belly, first class
2012-09-03 Lil Wayne "Same Damn Tune" [Dedication 4]
That's yo' bitch if my celly ring, and I kiss her belly ring
1993-11-10 E-40 "Carlos Rossi" feat. B-Legit [Federal]
Take her to the telly, let the wine fill her belly
1994-09-13 The Notorious B.I.G. "Big Poppa" feat. Puff Daddy [Ready To Die]
We can steam on the way to the telly, go fill my belly
1997-08-26 Diamond "Gather Round" [Hatred, Passions & Infidelity]
Got a belly, but that don't slow me down in a telly
1999-03-09 Spice 1 "Good Girl Goes Bad" [The Corruptor Soundtrack]
We need to find a telly, put some food up in our belly
2001-10-30 Shabaam Sahdeeq "I Still Love Her" [Never Say Never]
The studio's the telly, where I bust on her belly
2002-05-14 Cam'Ron "Boy, Boy" [Come Home With Me]
I take them to the telly, where their belly will force
2012-01-24 Gangrene "Due Work" [Vodka & Ayahuasca]
Buddha belly, cheeba smokin in telly