Erick Sermon


1995-08-01 Raekwon "Criminology" feat. Ghostface Killah [Only Built 4 Cuban Linx...]
Speakers stay jet black, floatin in the flyest Ac'
1996-02-13 Mad Skillz "Street Rules" [From Where???]
Ask black, the kid with the wide-body Ac'
1996-06-04 12 O'Clock "Nasty Immigrants" feat. Raekwon [The Nutty Professor Soundtrack]
Who's the cat in the comfy black Ac?
1996-06-25 Organized Konfusion "Decisions" [America Is Dying Slowly]
A cocoa butter babe with papes, jewels, a black Ac
1996-06-25 Jay-Z "Politics As Usual" [Reasonable Doubt]
I wear black a lot in the Ac', act a lot
1996-11-05 Makaveli "Hail Mary" feat. Kastro, Prince Ital, Young Noble [The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory]
On the regular mashin' in a stolen black Ac Integra
1997-07-01 Puff Daddy "It's All About The Benjamins (Remix)" feat. Lil' Kim, The LOX, The Notorious B.I.G. [No Way Out]
Pack a black pistol in the Ac' coupe that's dark brown
1998-11-17 Method Man "Spazzola" feat. Wu-Tang Clan [Tical 2000: Judgement Day]
Aiyyo, fluid rap, bend through it, black, beluga black Ac'
1999 Clipse "Bodysnatchers" feat. Magnum [Exclusive Audio Footage]
Pullin' up in the Ac', black shit wit dents
2003 Big L "Stretch & Bobbito '95 Pt. II" feat. Jay-Z [Harlem's Finest – A Freestyle History]
I ran up on this nigga named Mac in a black Ac
2003 Chamillionaire "Oh No! Freestyle" [Greatest Hits]
Ride Ac or Jag or maybe a black Ford
2004-05-11 Pete Rock "Beef" feat. Krumb Snatcha [Soul Survivor II]
Spotted a black Ac' parked with dark tints
2006-07-11 Bizzy Bone "All We Can Be" feat. Heaven [The Midwest Cowboy]
Shinin in the black Ac', windows tinted
2006-09-19 Bone Thugs-n-Harmony "Call Me" [Thug Stories]
She pulled up in a black Ac
2007-01-01 Drake "Must Hate Money" [Comeback Season]
Grey Range, black Ac'
2013-01-28 Pusha T "Road Runner" feat. Troy Ave [Wrath of Caine]
Been gettin' it since '96 in black AC Vigors
2013-09-29 Meek Mill "Right Now" feat. Cory Gunz, DJ Drama, French Montana, Ma$e [Dreamchasers 3]
I roll up in that black 'Bach, Matte black, or that black Lac
1995-11-07 Erick Sermon "Set It Off" [Double Or Nothing]
Watch your back, black, don't even step up, word is born
1993-07-20 Threat "Let The Dogs Loose" [Sickinnahead]
If you ain't pro-black, you can get the bozack
2005-06-15 Quasimoto "Closer" feat. MF Doom [The Further Adventures of Lord Quas]
Astro black on attack, you up on the bozack
1999-10-12 Mos Def "Mr. Nigga" [Black On Both Sides]
Would he get that type of dap if his name was Woody Black?
1993-11-09 Wu-Tang Clan "Protect Ya Neck" [Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)]
Yo, chill with the feedback, black, we don't need that
1989-10-10 Ice-T "You Played Yourself" [The Iceberg/Freedom Of Speech...]
Ride the track like a black mack in his 'lac
1996-02-20 Ganksta N-I-P "Crimewave" [Psychotic Genius]
Dark black 'lac, tight white interior
2003-03-11 Killer Mike "Re-Akshon Remix" feat. Bun B, T.I. [Monster]
In that black on black on black in the 'lac, cuz I'm so wild
2006-02-28 Trae "Representin" feat. Tae [Later Dayz]
In a Lac with the swangas dipped in black
2012-08-27 A$AP Mob "Bangin On Waxx" [Lords Never Worry]
Got that MAC in the back of the Acura black
1996-07-01 Nas "Affirmative Action" feat. AZ, Cormega, Foxy Brown [It Was Written]
See me, I'm an official mack, Lex coupe triple black
1989-10-10 Ice-T "What Ya Wanna Do?" feat. Rhyme Syndicate [The Iceberg/Freedom Of Speech...]
Wanna convict me for kickin' black on wax
1990-10-09 Paris "Break The Grip of Shame" [The Devil Made Me Do It]
Black tracks on wax are so smooth
1990 Laquan "Tear Your Soul Out" [Notes of A Native Son]
Giving you black on wax I can't hold in
1996-07-02 DJ Honda "On The Mic" feat. A.L., Al' Tariq, Black Attack, Cuban Link, Juju, Problemz [DJ Honda]
Yo, black, rep that, every time I'm on wax
1997 Ultramagnetic MCs "Ultra Reunion" [The B-Side Companion]
The black on wax need to be brought back
2001 Ruthless Bastardz "Gonna Be Trouble" [New York's Most Wanted]
Pistol black, we spit murder on wax
2006-04-27 Buddha Monk "Nightmare On Zu Street" feat. Drunken Dragon, Spiritual Assassin [Prophecy Reloaded]
Kings of style black with my rhymes laid down on wax
1996-09-16 Big Noyd "Episodes of A Hustla" [Episodes of A Hustla]
I pushed his wig back, then took off in the black Ac
2011-12-25 Fabolous "Death Comes In 3's" [There Is No Competition 3: Death Comes in 3's]
Couple racks in my black slacks
1992-10-06 Common "Soul By The Pound" [Can I Borrow A Dollar?]
I must ask what's goin on with rap, white kids actin black
2003-10-21 Turk "Amped Up" [Raw & Uncut]
I tote gats, got stacks, stay in all black
1992-07-28 EPMD "It's Going Down" [Business Never Personal]
Strapped in black wit the 9 by the boots
1993-11-09 Wu-Tang Clan "Protect Ya Neck" [Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)]
Yo, chill with the feedback, black, we don't need that
2003-07-22 Yukmouth "I Want Ya Body" feat. Aaron Hall [Godzilla]
I got the Raider throwback to match the black Jacob
2007-01-30 RZA "Take Sword Pt. 1" feat. Beretta 9 [Afro Samurai The Soundtrack]
Twist a twenty sack of black
1995-11-21 Group Home "The Realness" feat. Jack The Ripper, Smiley [Livin' Proof]
My name is black, if you front, get your wig pushed back