2012-08-28 Slaughterhouse "Hammer Dance" [Welcome To: Our House]
When the shottie blow, say goodbye to yo' barrio, you maricón!
1996-10-29 Ghostface Killah "Black Jesus" feat. Raekwon, U-God [Ironman]
What now blow, clickin' like a Calico
2001-06-05 Tragedy Khadafi "What Makes You Think" feat. Angel Dust, Killa Sha [Against All Odds]
Heat the room as soon as we blow, squeezing the Calico
1988-09-13 Ice-T "Heartbeat" [Power]
Buy some rides, gold, blow the dough on my crew
1996-06-25 Jay-Z "Coming of Age" feat. Memphis Bleek [Reasonable Doubt]
Don't blow your dough on hotties
2012-12-18 T.I. "Go Get It" [Trouble Man: Heavy Is The Head]
Don't sniff yay, but I blow dro, bankroll on loco
1990 King Sun "Pure Energy" [Righteous But Ruthless]
Even five-o know about the death blow
1998-05-24 Show & A.G. "Q&A" feat. Ghetto Dwellas [Full Scale]
Time to blow five-oh and knock you down like dominoes
1998-11-24 Redman "Keep On '99" feat. Erick Sermon [Doc's Da Name 2000]
Here come five-oh, stash the blow
1988-08-02 Salt-n-Pepa "A Salt With A Deadly Pepa" [A Salt With A Deadly Pepa]
Like a river I flow, into the mic I'll blow
2009-12-21 Eminem "Hell Breaks Loose" feat. Dr. Dre [Relapse: Refill]
I'm murderin the flow, liquid courage, I'm fin' to blow
2010-05-04 Bone Thugs-n-Harmony "My Life" [Uni-5: The World's Enemy]
Five killer flows, y'all fin' to blow
1998-09-29 Jay-Z "Resevoir Dogs" feat. Beanie Sigel, The LOX, Sauce Money [Vol. 2... Hard Knock Life]
Bout to go to hell with you, blow the l with you
2012-01-12 Future "Itchin'" [Astronaut Status]
Got my tool and my blow, then my two main hoes
1999-04-27 Michel'le "Mr. Officer" feat. Captain Save M, El Dorado [Chronic 2000: Still Smokin' (Suge Knight Represents)]
About to blow some hydro inside a Optimo
1996-12-03 Three 6 Mafia "Where Da Killaz Hang" [The End]
But I am loco, I will blow
2000-10-09 M.O.P. "Home Sweet Home" feat. Lord Have Mercy [Warriorz]
Cash blow, loco, I bring the heat to the street
2009-05-12 Cam'Ron "Curve" [Crime Pays]
I chop blow blow,no hono homo, shoot out in the woods, no po-po
2005-05-24 Gucci Mane "Money Don't Matter" feat. Torica [Trap House]
Gotta move the blow, but it's on the d-low
1995-10-10 AZ "Uncut Raw" [Doe Or Die]
I'm soon to blow, stack dough, lay on the low
2001-04-03 Big Pun "Brave In The Heart" feat. Terror Squad [Endangered Species]
On the low tryin to blow trees
2006-07-25 Chief Kamachi "Death Choir" [Concrete Gospel]
He a fiend on the low, shootin' blow