Main Source


1992-05-19 Main Source "Fakin' The Funk" feat. Neek The Exotic [Fakin' The Funk]
When fakes try to front, they get smoked like blunts
2006-03-07 Scarface "We Out Here" feat. Skip [My Homies Part 2]
Whylin in the front with the blunts cause we out'chea
1996-08-27 OutKast "Elevators (Me & You)" [ATLiens]
Smokin them white girls before them blunts got krunk
1997-04-15 Artifacts "Ingredients To Time Travel" [That's Them]
Get the lucci, hit it for months, and then smoke blunts with the hoochies
2003-07-22 C-Note "We Don't Give A Fuck" feat. JK [Street Fame]
Pulling them stunts and popping them trunks, rolling that skunk and light the blunts
1993-01-12 Heavy D & The Boyz "Yes Y'all" [Blue Funk]
Not into blunts but I be on a stunt hunt
2000-05-02 504 Boyz "Them Boyz" feat. Mac, X-Con [Goodfellas]
My niggas, they don't stunt, but they'll fuck your bitch, then smoke your blunts
1993-09-14 Poor Righteous Teachers "Nobody Move" [Black Business]
Spark up your blunts and trick up your stunts
2005-01-25 Paul Wall & Chamillionaire "True" feat. Lil' Flip [Controversy Sells]
We popping trunks and smoking blunts, that sticky-ickie
1993-04-13 Mobb Deep "Project Hallways" [Juvenile Hell]
Phillie blunts, kid, I got what you want, and it's time