1986 Stetsasonic "On Fire" [On Fire]
When we're coolin' on the block, we carry our big box
2006-07-18 Boot Camp Clik "Hate All You Want" [The Last Stand]
Sean Price quick to box, grip your gwop
1994-03-22 Main Source "Down Low" [Fuck What You Think]
That's how it is, hops, when my tape's in a box
1994-04-26 Anotha Level "A Question To Ask" [On Anotha Level]
Hit me on my box, hops, don't call me
1994-04-26 Anotha Level "What's That Cha Say" [On Anotha Level]
If I'm not home, hops, hit me on my box
1997-09-23 Organized Konfusion "Confrontations" [The Equinox]
I'm like an ox, brother, my box cutter leavin a scar
1998 Big L "Ebonics" [Ebonics / Size 'Em Up]
A radio is a box, a razor blade is a ox
2000-10-03 Muggs "Real Life" feat. Kool G Rap [Muggs Presents Soul Assassins II]
Roll with the ox, jammin' niggas doin' whole bids in the box standin'
2003 Children of The Corn "I Remember When" [Children of The Corn]
Ox or box cutter, yo, whatever one that they choose