1995 Tec-9 "Straight From The Ramp" feat. Baby [Straight From Tha Ramp!!]
My nigga from Calio, it's all about that drama, bro
1998 Cappadonna "Dart Throwing" feat. Method Man, Raekwon [The Pillage]
Uniform flow, stay strong, black, my shit is real, peace out, bro
1992-02-04 Sir Mix-A-Lot "The Jack Back" feat. The Wicked One [Mack Daddy]
One loco bro chose to dispose of you
1999-12-07 The Notorious B.I.G. "If I Should Die Before I Wake" feat. Beanie Siegel, Black Rob, Ice Cube [Born Again]
I'm loco, bro, but ain't no Mexican
2006-10-17 Layzie Bone "Ride Out" feat. Keef G [Cleveland]
Go on the block, six-fo' with a glock fo' fo', don't hurt 'em bro!
2001-05-22 Kardinal Offishall "G' Walkin'" feat. Glenn Lewis [Firestarter Vol 1: Quest For Fire]
I am an ill bro blessed with an ill flow with an opportunity to rep the T-Dot O